Let it Bleed
A Rolling Stones Dance Party

It all started in 2011 with a simple Craigslist ad, “Mick looking for Keith.” And with that ad, Let it Bleed, the Worcester based Rolling Stones tribute band began. Let it Bleed brings energy, enthusiasm, and entertainment to every show. It's a party atmosphere from the first song to the last note with every show tailored to the venue and audience. We will even change the setlist on the fly as the show progresses. Playing all the Rolling Stones hits to deep cuts and B-sides, Let it Bleed has always been focused on playing Rolling Stones music faithfully with the signature licks and hooks while doing it Let it Bleed style.



D. Best Productions

Email:  letitbleedband@yahoo.com

Phone: 774-289-9449

Website: http://www.letitbleedband.net

Facebook: Let It Bleed - A Rolling Stones dance party